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He was born on october 27th, 2014, after six years of intense work and research. He has a big purpose: To make your life easier! Think about it for a second, what if you could have a service robot to do your house chores and save you a lot of time by doing your laundry, taking care of the elders, watching over your kids. And better than that, what if it didn’t cost you much?

Bill is part of the RoboCup @Home initiative which aims to promote research on assistive robot technology and the development of fully autonomous robots capable of interacting with a domestic environment. He has several skills to help him with his purpose, such as communicating with humans through natural language processing, recognizing faces, navigating through the environment, among many others. His name was carefully chosen to represent his main characteristics: Bot, Intelligent, Large Capacity, Low Cost.

The best thing about Bill is that he is not expensive. He was fully built inside our lab with low cost components, making him not only powerful, but also affordable. He can definitely do a lot with little.

The picture on the left shows Bill’s current look. As he is a newborn, we are still working on his looks, and we have big plans for him! The picture on the right gives an idea of how he is supposed to look after we are done tidying him up.

"Bill's previous look" "Bill's current look" "Our plans for him!"